Mold engineering manufacturing and plastic products production

Plastic Mold Question and Answer                       

What’s the Insert Molding metals?

Insert Molding metals and plastics together in a molded part, or multiple metals or materials molded 

together into a single molding part. we sometimes called metalinsert molding or brass screw/metal 

insert molding, sometimes we call insert molding as over-moldingInsert molding can be used in 

automobile, cooking ware, household equipment, instruments, devices, knobs, electrical components

and more industrial, Insert molding is not only reducing assembly and labor costs but also better than

assembly part, reduces the size and weight of the part, improves component reliability, and delivers 

improved part strength and structure with enhanced design flexibility.

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What’s the Plastic moulding?

Plastic moulding is the plastic work through the Injection moulding machine, The melted plastic will

 automatically molten after erupting out in all of the plastic moulding methods,injection moulding has 

been the most widely used. The method comprises the following steps:getting the thermoplastic plastic

 or the thermosetting plastic imported into the heating cylinder of the injection moulding machine, and 

when it is completely melted, it will produce heat and frictional heat by the pressure of the plunger or 

the screw, and is injected into the mould cavity of the closed mould, after curing, and then open the 

mould and take out the finished product.

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