Mold engineering manufacturing and plastic products production

We have 55T to 480T injection machines for the mold trial and productions.  There are some big mould trial companies around us(联兴LIANXING, 运兴YUNXING, 精美JINGMEI ) and we can easily get the outsourcing  for the external mold trial maximum up to 3000T. Most of their injection machines brand is Haitian. These companies is only 15-20 minutes away from our company.

Mechanical Engineering

Plastic pipe Moulding with pilot series small series Products and solution with plastic

Quality comes first, forever first.

1. manufacture moulds with automatically unscrewing.

2. State of the art equipment and 24-hour operations to meet your needs.

3. Short lead-time.

  Industrial technology Industrial Electronics Lighting industry

Mold test

We thoroughly tested all the molds internally and tested them in the state of art machines and auxiliary equipment. Provide trial reports and process data to customers to start up quickly and ensure that all customers can ensure strict quality control, thus ensuring product quality. Mold test samples will be provided together with the inspection report. Our final mold test provides two hours of continuous molding with plastic running and four hours without plastic running.